The Best Protein Brownies & Cookies!

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Nutritious and Protein rich snacks, from our ovens to your door, that contribute to your daily protein and nutritional goals! Each protein cookie and protein brownie is baked fresh to order, and is a healthy snack low in sugar that you can have every day. You’ll soon see that great
taste doesn’t have to be dependent upon lots of sugar and high calories.


  • High Protein Snacks

    All of our protein cookies and protein brownies contain at least 16 grams of whey protein to fuel your workouts and muscle recovery. At less than 200 calories, these high protein low calorie snacks are sure to match everyone’s fitness goals: weight loss, bodybuilding, or bulking.

  • Pre or Post Workout Meal

    Looking for something to eat before workouts, an after workout snack, or a healthy late night snack? have a cookie! Or two! or go wild with a protein brownie

    Our treats were design to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent unintended cheat meals... or cheat days...

Protein Brownies

Freshly baked for all the Chocolate Lovers out there! We have a traditional chocolate brownie and a peanut butter chocolate brownie

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Protein Cookies

With 5 classic flavors, our vanilla based cookies are topped with delicious assorted chips from dark and milk chocolate chips to rainbow sprinkles.

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  • Order Online. We ship to all 50 states via 2-day shipping to ensure the freshness of our protein treats. We also offer gift sets for all occasions!

  • Order online, pickup at studio. Simply select "local pick-up" during checkout. Address: 530 SE 192nd Ave #104, Vancouver, WA 98683

  • Need a protein treat Today. Fortitude Fitness of Vancouver, WA carries all of our protein cookie flavors at their GYM. 14010 NE 3rd Ct, Vancouver, WA 98685

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Fresh and Convenient

High protein low calorie foods are not easy to find, and those
that are, often lack flavor, are not portable, or require refrigeration. Our protein cookies and protein brownies are convenient, filling, and the best low calorie snacks you can grab on the go.

We are so confident in our cookies that we can assure you that they taste better than even the best protein bars in the market. So go ahead, and let yourself Indulge in Protein and enjoy your fitness journey without compromises.